The Birth of the Oily Chic

Hi, I’m Lisa…wife, mom, gram, disabled hairstylist and an oily chic. It took me a minute to think back to how my Herbal/Essential Oil journey began. I was diagnosed with a rare nerve disorder, RSD/CRPS (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) and was looking for anything and everything natural to manage pain and symptoms. RSD/CRPS is the highest rated pain on the Magill pain scale – higher than childbirth and broken bones. A friend of my sister suggested Essential Oils. Through much reading and researching, I was also led to Herbs.

NeuroBlend from Salves n Stuff

NeuroBlend from Salves n Stuff

Growing up in the country, I was familiar with gardening so plant-based medicine sounded like a plan. I started buying Herbal and Essential Oil books, attending online courses, and reading as much as I possibly could about anything “plant”. I purchased a few good-quality Essential Oils and made my first blend, Neuro Blend; Essential Oils targeted to relieve nerve pain. And what a relief it was for me! Pain, spasms, and burning were three major symptoms that I experienced relief from. I had not experienced much relief at that point with pharmaceutical medication and other invasive treatments so you can imagine my surprise!

The biggest surprise of all is that this journey has brought me to Salves n Stuff. The journey I was on when this started was so different than the journey today. It seemed a bitter journey then…it is a joyful journey today. I’m not saying that I don’t still have symptoms…or that I don’t have bad days. The journey today helps not only me, but others…and that is a far more rewarding feeling! Salves n Stuff has become a wonderful line of products that are all-natural and target specific issues. If you would like more information, check out my Facebook page Salves n Stuff with a list of products and prices. I’m also creating a website and will have it up and running soon!


  1. Jen

    The Neuro Blend works wonders for my RSD/CRPS!!
    Thank you Lisa!!

    1. newnormalgal

      That’s great news! Thank you for commenting!

    2. Lisa

      So glad to hear…you’re why I do what I do ?

  2. Bri

    Mason’s mousse has to be my favorite blend, maybe cuz you named it after my munchkin lol, but mostly because it helps me get him to focus and pay attention at times I begin to think it’s impossible!!


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