Fun With Makeup

I have never been big on wearing makeup, especially foundation or powder.  Mascara has pretty much been a constant in my life…without it, I look like I need a nap.  Lately though, I have felt the need to change things up a bit.  My newfound interest in cosmetics started with my 42nd birthday when I had a close friend do my makeup before dinner.  She previously worked at the Chanel counter, and she literally opened my eyes to the possibilities of looking beautiful – and different.

It has been 22 weeks and 3 days since I had my reconstruction.  I only recently started feeling much better than I did in the previous 5+ months, and it is driving my desire to explore new things.

After my birthday weekend, I went to Ulta to pick up my only cosmetic staple (mascara) and that turned into a two-hour ordeal.  Don’t get me wrong – I do own some makeup, but it is definitely not a lot compared to most people.  I am learning that applying makeup takes practice…and a whole lot of patience.  Some folks are just naturals at it.  Me?  Well, honestly, I tried doing the “smokey eye” when it became a trend and I looked like someone punched me in both eyes.

Since I am a “student” of cosmetics, I have been texting a few girlfriends “today’s makeup” to seek their opinions on how I look.  My close friend who did my makeup for my birthday – and who is also a recent breast cancer survivor – suggested I blog about it.  I thought that’s a fantastic idea, since I know there are probably women like me out there, trying to cope with the effects cancer treatments have left on my body.  It is a daily struggle; however, the makeup ritual I have been doing almost every day has transformed me – both physically and mentally.  Gary has noticed a HUGE change in my confidence and appearance, so much so, he told me to make sure I get good cosmetics and spend the grocery money on it if I need to.

What makeup do you like to wear?  Has it changed the way you see yourself and improved your confidence – or are you just becoming a “student” like me?  Join the discussion in the comments and share with the group… I am excited to learn about what works for others.  Pinterest and YouTube have thousands of makeup tutorials; however, I feel overwhelmed when I try to weed through them.

Today’s makeup…
Foundation: Tarte BB Tinted Primer in Medium
Eyeshadow: Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue (I used Magnetic as eyeliner underneath – that’s the dark color)
Blush: Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue in Mysterious
Eyeliner (corners): Maybelline Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil in Soft Nude
Mascara: (base) Cover Girl Super Sizer Fibers, (top coat) Urban Decay Perversion
Powder: IT Cosmetics in Translucent
Concealer: Urban Decay Naked Skin in Pink
Eyebrows: Urban Decay Naked on the Run in Fix
* I also used Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer (it makes it last 12 hours) and Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray (mist in an “X” and “T”).


  1. Lisa H

    I have seen a difference in your “look” and have to say it looks great-natural and not “made up”. As an entrepreneur in the beauty industry (well, former..with hope), I never used much makeup either. And since my CRPS, rarely use it. Might be time to try and feel “normal” again. Thank you for always sharing great info!

    1. newnormalgal (Post author)

      Thanks so much for commenting! I feel crappy every day, just like you…and that 20 minutes I spend putting on makeup makes me feel a little better about myself… Give it a try again! I tried to use makeup when I was going through chemo, but got discouraged when my eyelashes and eyebrows disappeared… Now I’m on hormone-based chemo and my eyelashes are thinning…sigh…so I’m using Latisse to try and save them… ?

  2. Mom

    I personally always think you look beautiful and doing this just enhances that ! I’m very happy you didn’t close your blog down … A lot of people are inspired by your posts…. Keep it up ?!!! I hope you start feeling better everyday ! ❤️

    1. newnormalgal (Post author)

      Thank you! I heard I am making a difference which I why I didn’t shut the blog down. I will try to be more consistent with my posts…I have a lot of ideas jotted down for future posts.

  3. Charlene Earley

    Hey Dana!! I am so proud of you, this blogging is AWESOME… I have always thought that women look up to you, as I do. I used to think that you were a natural beauty. I didn’t think that you ever needed makeup. But I understand how good you must be feeling after applying makeup. Because we do look better, because with makeup we all look alive and brighter. Putting makeup on, fixing my hair and putting on some nice clothes is for me. Where I work I don’t have to do any of that, but I choose to because it makes me feel good. Now that I am 55, I read that as you get older, not to use as much makeup and I tried that and it does fit me. I definitely do still wear the basics; Foundation, blush, mascara, definitely lipstick and an eyebrow pencil. Well, I know I haven’t seen you in years, since I left Florida in November, 2011. You look beautiful as a blonde ?

    1. newnormalgal (Post author)

      Thanks, Charlene! I really enjoy writing and since I finished my Masters, I didn’t have much writing to do. Blogging was a great opportunity for me to keep my writing skills – and mind – sharp.

      I always feel better when I wear makeup. This morning, when I felt terrible, I marched straight into the bathroom and made myself pretty. I am still learning how to do makeup – even though I’m 42. When I was 13-14ish, I wore a lot of eye makeup, but stopped when I went active duty.


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