*Lucky 13*

13 weeks post-reconstructionToday marks 13 weeks since my reconstruction. The number 13 has always been one of my lucky numbers, so I felt compelled to mark this milestone with a blog post.

I’m happy to report that things are getting better. I still have some pressure in my chest, and it feels very firm. Admittedly, I thought my body would be totally be back to normal by now. Those are my self-imposed expectations though – not exactly reality. I have said this before: reconstruction is not like a typical boob job.

For those of you going through a similar experience, you might notice – like I have – that the skin is very tight on the side that was subjected to several weeks of radiation. The non-radiation side looks somewhat normal. Sometimes, when I stand in front of the mirror after dressing, I tend to turn to the non-radiation side to get a better of idea of how I look. I know my skin is very thin as a result of the bilateral mastectomy. However, I am still grateful of my results because I have seen pictures of folks who were not as fortunate as me.

The side effects of chemotherapy – neuropathy, bone aches, etc. – do not seem to be subsiding. Even though it is a bummer that the side effects are status quo, I am happy that I can function – at work and home – with the medications I have been prescribed. I have heard from several cancer patients that it took them 2-4 years to actually *feel* normal. I am only just over a year right now since chemo ended, so their advice has given me hope that one day I will wake up with zero to less pain, and feel like I did before I started it.

In the next few days, I’m going to attempt to go back to doing yoga. Yoga has always been an activity that not only improves me physically, but mentally as well. I think that with yoga – combined with the continued support of my fiance, family, and friends – the new normal will start to feel even more comfortable. Here’s to celebrating 13 weeks…*cheers*…

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