Mexican pierogies

I grew up in central Pennsylvania on mostly Polish and Italian cooking. The influences of the two styles became ingrained into my adult menu, and to be honest, I am kind of a food snob. There are certain things I simply will not try, and other things that I have an expectation on how they will be prepared. However, I started growing bored with rotating the same recipes every week. That’s when I decided to give Blue Apron a try, and I absolutely love it. A lot of the spices and ingredients used in the recipes I would not typical have in my kitchen (or try), nor would I even know where to buy them.

Ingredients for Empanadas de Picadillo from #Blue Apron

One thing that Blue Apron does very well is mixes up different styles of cooking. Last week we enjoyed Pac-Asian and Hispanic dishes, one of which was Empanadas de Picadillo. Like all Blue Apron meals, the necessary ingredients (minus a few teaspoons of olive oil) were shipped fresh to me. All I needed to do was follow the instructions… I had never made empanadas before. As I worked through the recipe it dawned on me: this is like Polish pierogies! The big difference being that pierogies are stuffed with potatoes, cheese, and onions; this was stuffed with a delicious taco-like seasoned ground beef.

My first Empandas - or as I affectionately call them, "the Mexican pierogies"

My first Empandas – or as I affectionately call them, “the Mexican pierogies” – from #BlueApron

I was so excited I reached out to my Mexican sister from another mister, Renee. She explained to me that empanadas in her family are made by the elders at Christmas time. Also, they are traditionally made with cow tongue (yuck…food snob says NO) and served with honey, instead of sour cream or Mexican crema. She gave me a tip for making them in the future: simply use refrigerated biscuit dough and stuff them with whatever you would like. These are sometimes referred to as empanitas.

I really enjoy using Blue Apron and I think you will too. You can set up delivery for 2 people or a family of 4, and skip any weeks you don’t want to receive meals. They send recipe cards with every meal so you can make things again. It works out to about $10 per person, per meal. Enjoy!

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