Pajamas and Peas

I have had several surgeries in my life, including arthroscopic knee surgery, a full thyroidectomy, and of course, a bilateral mastectomy. My two most favorite things while I am recovering are pajamas and peas. It may sound elementary; however, whenever I talk to folks getting ready to have (any) surgery, their eyes light up when I suggest pajamas and peas. They have been a lifesaver and critical to my comfort during recovery. First, let’s talk about pajamas…

A pair of pajamas can make a world of difference when you feel like a truck ran you over. Besides the soft material providing an optimal garment to lounge around in, a good set of pajamas serves a functional role. A pajama top that buttons down is a must-have for patients having any surgery on their chest or upper extremities. Frequently, for breast surgeries or lymphadenectomies, physicians generally do not want you lifting your arms over your head. My personal favorite pajamas are Victoria’s Secret: Body by Victoria Supersoft Short PJ Set. I own about 6 pairs of them. Admittedly, they are not cheap, but you know what is? Peas.

Years ago, I was getting ready to have surgery and a friend suggested I pick up a few large bags of frozen peas. I threw her a confused look and asked, “Do you mean peas, like the kind you eat?” She then explained they make an excellent ice pack because they are flexible enough to “hug” a knee, breast, ankle…just about any appendage or body part. I put this theory to the test, and the peas worked awesome! I do believe they sell ice packs that are similar to a bag of frozen peas; however, a bag of peas works just as well. If you opt for the frozen peas, don’t forget to throw them out after repeated use (because they will probably taste yucky after they been thawed so many times). Oh, and get at least two bags so you can alternate them.

If you would like to order the VS pajamas, you can find them here:


  1. Kacey

    I wish I read this after Chris’ femur surgery! His ice bags from the hospital leaked!

    1. newnormalgal (Post author)

      Oh no! Well, now you know…hopefully, you won’t have to use the tip anytime soon. I hope he feels better!


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