Post Reconstruction T+12

T+12Yesterday, I saw my plastic surgeon for the first time since my surgery. I have been anxiously waiting for his assessment on my progression, plus a prediction on my results. After I peeled off my surgical bra (literally – it sticks to my steri strips that are covering my stitches), I was delighted when his face lit up and he said, “Wow, that looks fantastic!”. I drew a sigh of relief and then a smile appeared on my face that stretched from ear to ear. I had been so concerned that the pain was an indication that something was wrong.

We did discuss my pain issue, which started increasing right after all the anesthesia and hospital drugs wore off. Apparently, I have developed a hypersensitivity to pain now (likely from the trauma my body has been through). All of the bone aches I suffer with on a daily basis since chemo pale in comparison to the pain I am experiencing from surgery. This is not something that is not uncommon; however, it does mean that it will take a little longer for me to heal. Despite the hypersensitivity, I seem to be on track to be healed up at 8 weeks (around November 3).

Breast Clock PositionsI do have one spot/bump on my left side around the 11 o’clock position that is swollen, painful, and very firm. I included a handy little image in this post on breast clock positions so you know which position I am talking about. The bump showed up around the 5th or 6th day, and it doesn’t appear to be going down – not to mention, it is hot to the touch. My doctor decided to put me on antibiotics for a few days as a precautionary measure; however, it is an area of concern. This area is part of the fat graph they performed to rebuild my chest. He asked me to call/text him in a few days to let him know if it was going down at all or if it improved.

Oh, I almost forgot about the “party tit”! If you recall from my T+9 post, my right breast is drooping slightly lower than the left so I nicknamed it the “party tit” – because it is doing its own thing. My surgeon was a little surprised that the “party tit” is not the one that was subjected to all the radiation. The bruising ranges anywhere from totally black and blue to a yellowish hue. The yellowing is indicative of a deep tissue bruise, and my doctor is confident it will perk back up as I continue to heal. I noticed last night the yellowing has become much more pronounced and dark. I am curious if it will turn to full black and blue now.

Hopefully, things will continue to improve by my next post…

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